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Some kind words from respected clients


“He commendably volunteers his time to the San Luis Obispo Superior Court as a pro bono mediator to handle mandatory settlement conferences. I have been fortunate to have him serve in this capacity for three different matters of mine. Each of these
matters was complicated and emotional and yet each settled under his guidance. Mr. Weiss was prepared, thorough, thoughtful and relatable. Without his involvement, I do not know whether a resolution would have been achieved.”

L. O., San Luis Obispo


“Both I and my client, a retired physician, found Mr. Weiss to be quick to grasp the issues of fact and to aptly apply the relevant laws to the ultimate resolution of this dispute via our mediation with him. Mr. Weiss is an astute listener. He was likewise appropriately direct and succinct with my client whilst demonstrating the appropriate level of empathy for the damages he had suffered. Mr. Weiss’ excellent mediation skills ultimately led to the pre-trial resolution of the case.”

S. H., San Luis Obispo


“It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Andy Weiss as a skilled, seasoned and very effective mediator/settlement advocate. His experience trying cases and handling a wide variety of matters as a lawyer provides him with some of the most important tools one needs to settle cases. He is also a consummate professional and sharp as a tack. I worked with Andy on at least two mandatory settlement conferences in our local courts. He never gave up. Both cases settled. Andy Weiss gets the highest marks!”

R.O., San Luis Obispo

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