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“Mr. Weiss mediated a case for us that was heavily contested as to both liability and damages. He immediately recognized and grasped the issues in the case and very effectively, and efficiently, brought the case to a resolution at mediation. He has a wealth of experience litigating cases and has now proven himself to be a top mediator on the Central Coast.”

D.H., Irvine,

“I know Mr. Weiss because he commendably volunteers his time to the San Luis Obispo Superior Court as a pro bono mediator to handle mandatory settlement conferences. I have been fortunate to have him serve in this capacity for three different matters of mine. Each of these matters was complicated and emotional and yet each settled under his guidance. Mr. Weiss was prepared, thorough, thoughtful and relatable. Without his involvement, I do not know whether a resolution would have been achieved.”

L.O., San Luis Obispo

“You did a masterful job in getting the case resolved. It was a challenge to get an unreasonable plaintiff to follow the advice of her counsel but you were up to the challenge.”

C.H., San Luis Obispo

“My office participated in the mediation of a civil dispute conducted by Andrew R. Weiss, Esq. Both I and my client, a retired physician, found Mr. Weiss to be quick to grasp the issues of fact and to aptly apply the relevant laws to the ultimate resolution of this dispute via our mediation with him. Mr. Weiss is an astute listener. He was likewise appropriately direct and succinct with my client whilst demonstrating the appropriate level of empathy for the damages he had suffered. Mr. Weiss’ excellent mediation skills ultimately led to the pre-trial resolution of the case. I would wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Weiss to other counsel for his effectiveness in alternative dispute resolution.”

S.H., San Luis Obispo

“I have worked with Mr. Weiss over the past 35 years in multiple cases and trials, that extend from Fresno to San Luis Obispo, and many venues in the Central Coast. Andy was (and is) a powerful advocate and a consummate trial attorney. In the past few years, Andy has retired from the active practice of law and trials, and has been focusing on providing exceptional mediation services to our county and to litigants throughout the Central Coast. He recently took on a difficult case of mine at the request of Judge Coates, with two warring professionals and potentially over $250,000 in dispute, which had no applicable insurance coverage, and difficult issues to both navigate and understand, as well as significant personal hostility between the parties. After spending most of one day in mediation, and based on his own recommendations and professional insights made to both sides so as to have their clients reconsider some of their positions, he followed up with phone consultations and discussions, and we were able to secure a final resolution which I believe gave both sides a fair sense of vindication and obviously closure. His assistance as a mediator was exceptional.”

M.C., San Luis Obispo

“It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Andy Weiss as a skilled, seasoned and very effective mediator/settlement advocate. His experience trying cases and handling a wide variety of matters as a lawyer provides him with some of the most important tools one needs to settle cases. He is also a consummate professional and sharp as a tack. I worked with Andy on at least two mandatory settlement conferences in our local courts. He never gave up. Both cases settled. Andy Weiss gets the highest marks!”

R.O., San Luis Obispo

“Prior to trial, all parties agreed to use the professional mediation services of Andrew Weiss. I found Mr. Weiss to be prepared for the mediation hearing and he showed excellent knowledge of the legal issues. Due to the nature of the liability disputes, I was not confident that the case would resolve at mediation. However, Mr. Weiss proved to be a tenacious negotiator and he worked diligently to find common ground. He never gave up and we ultimately reached an agreed settlement at the conclusion of the mediation hearing. I do not believe settlement would have been possible without Mr. Weiss’ efforts. I give Mr. Weiss the highest marks as a skilled mediator and will call upon his services in the future.”

S.R., San Luis Obispo

“I’ve had opportunity to utilize the services of Andrew Weiss on two occasions recently for mediations involving clients that sustained very serious injuries. Both matters were settled on terms that I considered very favorable to my clients. Andrew Weiss was very knowledgeable and skillful in conducting mediations. I found him to be well prepared when I arrived having fully reviewed the materials I submitted. His manner of conducting the mediations were always professional. Moreover, he was able to communicate well with my client in reference to the severity of their injuries as well as the potential verdict if the matter were tried and the risks associated in doing so. I would have no hesitation utilizing his services again.”

D.O., San Luis Obispo

“Andrew, you mediated a real property case for me last May. I was very impressed with your preparedness, quick grasp of the issues, tenacity and unflappability under very contentious circumstances – up there with the most skilled mediators I have worked with over the decades.”

S.J., Avila Beach

Why Work With Andrew?

Civil Cases Mediated with Civility

Bringing nearly forty years of real-world, civil trial experience to the field of pre-trial dispute resolution, Andrew is recognized for having demonstrated trial skills, experience, strong ethics, and integrity. You can expect a frank but relatable approach to settlement discussions. You can be confident that all parties will get the opportunity to state their views and be heard.

Andrew is known for getting results in complex and difficult cases.

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